Quick! To The Panic Room!

A Mother's Quest for Peace and Quiet

The Family

MeA trying-to-look-younger-than-40-something year old woman. Good at talking, just not always appropriately.

ManA 40-something, bankerish-type man. Although he is the serious and responsible one, Man has a gift for witty quips and labels for the mundane. (He named The Panic Room ).

Mini-ManTeen boy. Waffles between being a happy, head-in-the-clouds type kid and a brooding teen. Asks Me deep questions about why I don’t read cookbooks or follow directions really of any kind, and generally makes Me question my ability to parent. Like Man, he lives in his male world most of the time.

Mini-MeTween girl. Loves to sing and dance and generally act like a child star. You can’t find too much of Man’s personality in this one. High energy with Me’s ability to talk and talk and talk…

CavemanKindergarten boy. He is supposed to talk , but he doesn’t. All of the Family think he is really cute and allow him to gesture or just grunt his orders at them.


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