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So I Read This Book Yesterday…

So, I read this book entitled Organizing the Disorganized Child by Martin L. Kutscher & Marcella Moran in response to last weeks’ freak out session on the Mini-Man. The interchange went something like this…

Me “So, is all your homework done?”

Mini-Man- “Yep.”

Me- “You mean, ‘Yes Ma’am.’ Let me see it. Hmmm. It looks like you have math word problems. Where are they?”

Mini-Man-“Yeah, I forgot ’em.”

Me-“What do you mean? How are you going to turn them in? If you want to skip 5th grade math you have to turn in all assignments.”

Mini-Man-“Oh. I think I left them at school”

Me-“Are you kidding me? ‘Oh,’ is your big response? Don’t you care? You are the one who said you wanted to be in 6th grade math. You’re gonna get kicked out if you keep leaving stuff at school. You have GOT to get it together!”

Deep sigh- frustration somewhat vented but big mother guilt for yelling now in place.

After doing yoga to try and reach some epiphany, I decided to go to the bookstore and get a Mocha Java. I browsed all Self-Help and Parenting sections and finally came across Organizing the Disorganized Child. While there is no longer a Panic Room to escape to, I was able to lock myself in my bathroom and read.

Here are my comments along with Chapter Titles:

1. How Did My Child Get So Disorganized? – I skipped this one since my high school yearbook staff  determined I was most likely to be… lost. I’m guessing being disorganized is in the genes.

2. What Is My Child’s Organizational Style?One can be a visual, or spatial, or chronological organizer depending on how he answers some questions about how he thinks about past events, categorizes items and finds those items. I never really pinned down the Mini-Man. He seems to fit in many boxes or maybe none at all. However, the author says it’s OKAY to not fit in one box. I really like that answer!

3. Choosing and Setting Up the Supplies – This chapter rocked! It refers to a kid’s backpack as the Black Hole, where things go in but they don’t come out. And then it gives pictures and names of different products ie: backpacks, planners, folders, and notebooks, and how they might help your student not lose things in the Hole. It also has pictures, something I appreciate. It shows examples of different work stations and why they work for different people. The chapter also gives you a shopping list to take to the supply store with you. Yippee-Shopping!

4. Getting Work Home, Doing It, and Returning It – This chapter is why I bought the book. It describes the whole process of successfully: recording assignments, getting work home from school, how to complete the work and in what time frame (how many breaks Mini-Man may actually take). It then describes how the kid gets the work back to school and turned in on time. The chapter also gives you questions to ask your kid to determine what products or what part of the process is working or not working and why. I like this because I am often at a loss of words, make that parent/child appropriate words, with the Mini-Man.

5. Super Study SkillsI must admit I didn’t read this chapter. Mini-Man and I are just not to this level yet. I would love someone who reads it to comment.

6. The Morning and Nightime RoutinesAll will appreciate this one. While I don’t like being told I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier than I already am, I do get that it’s probably necessary. I also get the idea that no one (especially Mini-Me) should go back to her room once she has left. There always seems to be a last-minute urgent need for Mini-Me to bring some Webkinz animal, old bottle cap or piece of wrapping paper with her to school. And of course there is time spent explaining to Me just why it is crucial to bring these items for her survival of the day. Now I get this. I shouldn’t go back to my room either. I just might realize I haven’t brushed my hair yet or my shirt is on backwards.

Too bad Tardy isn’t a place.  Mini-Me and Me would fit in perfectly.

Well, reading is as far as I got. Next week I intend to put the plan in action.

I’ll keep you posted…


January 3, 2010 - Posted by | Books

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  1. Just found a homework sheet on the floor in the kitchen. Better get to implementing the program fast!

    Comment by tothepanicroom | January 12, 2010 | Reply

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